Facial by MADAME G


  • Cleanse and moisturize your face morning and evening Once a week, make a mask.
  • Choose products that are suitable for your skin type, but also for your skin tone
  • chemical components used in the long term can damage the skin more than protecting it.
  • pay attention to your diet. 
  •  fruits and vegetables – fibre! Are very good for the skin, and you will notice very quickly that the skin on your face will look smoother, brighter and look much better if you pay attention to what you eat.
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CHEMICAL PEEL starting @ 80$

It is important to note that with current technology, most of these acids are synthetically derived.


Acide glycolique: dérivé de la canne à sucre

Acide lactique: dérivé du lait

Acide mandélique: dérivé d’amandes amères

Acide tartrique: dérivé du raisin

Acide Salicylique

Acide malique: dérivé des pommes et des poires

Acide citrique: dérivé d’agrumes

Hydrotherapy EMS starting @110$

Skin Cleansing

▪️Balances & mattifies oily skin

▪️Purifies clogged pores

▪️Clears toxins & bacteria

▪️Ideal for oily & acne-prone skin

Hydrotherapy (deep cleaning) is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture.

is a treatment that uses mechanical exfoliation procedure that uses water 💦 to cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin.

Once the dirt and dead skin cells are removed, the toner penetrates deep into the pores where it works most effectively and does the most good.

This treatment can also be used with your favorite serum (additional cost)

Your skin is freshly cleansed for a deeper penetration of your creams and serums. It is essentially a deep cleaning

Photo dynamic therapy Led light is included. 



Skin Brightening

🔸Unifies & brightens skin tone

🔸Reduces pigmentation

🔸Protects from photo-damage

🔸Ideal for uneven & dull complexions


MICRO NEEDLING starting @ 220$

Skin Rejuvenation

🔺Deeply hydrates the skin

🔺Replenishes antioxidants

🔺Boosts collagen production

🔺Prevents premature aging

🔺Ideal for mature & dark spot , Acne scar 

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Men facial starting @65$


”Formulated to the unique needs of difficult atypical skin. They usually deal with problems such as razor burn and ingrown hairs, dark spot, acne, uneven complexion, dullness, and sensitivity. ” EACH facial is adapted to your need help to cleanse the skin but also aid in clearing up blemishes or pimples.

Light therapy

Exposure to fluorescent light bulbs like halogen lights.3 sessions a Month is required to see important improvements. Light therapy with your favorite serum is the most effective facial care for blemish skin & COUPE ROSE  

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